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Adam Lomsargis, Wealth Coach, Dip FP BA.

Wealth Coach Adam Lomsargis

Having the right wealth strategy is a lot like winning at the game of chess. As a key supporter of the social chess scene in Brisbane I live and breathe strategy on a daily basis, both in my financial planning work, and my personal life.

Why choose Adam as your Wealth Coach

  • 17 years’ experience (personal finance, capital markets, financial planning)
  • Results focused advice
  • Commission free adviser

I believe that anyone who’s serious about achieving financial freedom needs a plan and a method for getting there. Most successful people use coaches and professional advisers to grow their wealth. I have my own advisers and mentors to help me reach my own goals.

Protection should always come first and wealth creation second; the logic being that if we can’t secure our existing assets, how we can hope to accumulate additional wealth over time? Am therefore focused on ensuring our clients have a strong risk strategy in place to cover them for unforeseen circumstances. In chess, one of the reasons why Grandmasters are so effective at winning is that while 50% of their game is focused on their plan of attack, the other 50% is about considering how they can be defeated (defence/protection) and planning accordingly.

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